Q3Radiant Editor Manual

Based on Version 192 - partly updated to GtkRadiant

By Paul Jaquays

With additional contributions by Astrocreep, Christian Antkow,
EutecTic, Inolen, Mr. Elusive, Maddog, Martin Ka’ai Cluney,
Robert A. Duffy, Small Pile of Gibs, Suicide20, and The Dog!

Special thanks go out to the members of the Quake3world Editing forum.

Your questions prompted many of the sections in this manual.

QERadiant.com thanks John Hutton for re-formating this manual into a more web friendly version.

Table of Contents

Minimum System Requirements Installation & set-up Entities and assets New Functionalities in GtkRadiant Map-building basics Tools 1: Selecting and deselecting Tools 2: Working with brushes Tools 3: Working with curve patches Tools 4: Working with textures Tools 5: Working with entities Tools 6: Lights & lighting
Tools 7: Miscellaneous commands Tools 8: Compilings maps
Tools 9: Debugging maps Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: Entity descriptions Appendix C: Bot navigation files Appendix D: Tips, tricks, and tutorials Appendix E: Online resources Appendix F: Default key shortcuts
Appendix G: Shortcut keys and mouse functions