Space map

If you hear the word space map, I bet you think of q3dm17 or q3tourney6. But what's the speciality about those maps?

(Image q3dm17)
(Image q3tourney6)

Mainly they are opened to all sides, but you could also define a map including indoor plus outdoor parts as a space map. The main reason why they are called space maps is, that you can fall down into the sky and die immediately. What happens when you fall into death?
You hear a screaming sound of your model, all the powerups are getting removed, you die and finally the weapons fall through the sky (gibs keep lying around).

Load the tutorial map from this pk3 file (don't forget to add the name of the shader file in your shaderlist):

You will see some kind of floating rock with grass on it.
Add a trigger_multiple in the middle of the flying thing and