Export an ASE-Model with 3ds Max

  1. Create a simple box.

    (Image export0)
  2. Open the "Material Editor".

    (Image export1)

    Choose an empty material slot. Rename it to your desired texture e.g. "textures/base_wall/metalfloor_wall_14".
    Drag the material onto the box, and turn on "Show Map in Viewport".
    Load a checker map into the Diffuse channel (this step is just for view purpose in 3dmax).

    Note: You could also use a bitmap "textures/base_wall/metalfloor_wall_14".

    (Image export2)
  3. Add a UVW map, change it to box mapping, and tiling 5x5.

    (Image export3)
  4. Click File menu -> Export.
    Choose ase format and save it into the models folder. (it won´t load otherwise in radiant if you try from somewhere else)
    Use the settings in the screenshot.

    (Image export4)