Q3MAP2 Shader Manual

by Obsidian and ydnar

Version 2.5.15 (02.09.04)

Table of Contents
0 Preface
1 Introduction
2 General Shader Keywords
3 Q3Map2 Specific Shader Keywords
4 Q3Map2 Specific Surface Parameter Shader Keywords
5 Editor Specific Shader Keywords
6 Stage Specific Shader Keywords
7 Quake 3 Engine Game Specific Shader Keywords
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
8 Shader Effects Creation Tips
    Notes on Alpha Channels
    Troubleshooting Shaders
    Creating New Textures
Appendix A: Triggerable Shader Entities

Appendix B: Terrain

Appendix C: Foghull

Appendix D: Fur

Appendix E: Celshading

Appendix F: Bumpmapping

Appendix G: Lightstyles

Appendix H: Lightmapped Mapmodels

Appendix I: Light Emitting Shaders

Title Page