Manual configuration of gamepacks

If you want to use Radiant with a particular game, then you have to configure and install the appropriate gamepack. A gamepack is a collection of files and directories containing data about the game (location, engine name, installed textures, entity list, etc.). At present the list of gamepacks included in the WinRadiant/gamepacks directory is the following:

  • dp (Darkplaces)
  • et (Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory)
  • nexuiz
  • oa (OpenArena)
  • q1 (Quake 1)
  • q2 (Quake 2)
  • q2w (Quake2world)
  • q3 (Quake III Arena)
  • q3min
  • trem (Tremoulus)
  • warsow
  • xonotic
Below is a description of how to install a gamepack. We demonstrate the procedure by installing the gamepack for Quake.

Note: This procedure is mainly for installing Windows binary packages. It could also be done under Linux (by using the directory name LinRadiant instead of WinRadiant). However, the Linux package has an automatic gamepack configurator, so it is unnecessary.

First you have to edit the file in the directory WinRadiant/gamepacks/games. Open the file and carry out the following string replacements:

  String     Replacement
  WPP        path to the Quake engine (e.g. e:/games/Quake)
  WNN        name of the game engine (quake.exe, zquake.exe, etc.)

Note: When you edit the file, always use the forward slash character '/' in path names instead of the usual backslash '\' (the Windows convention).

Copy the edited file to the directory WinRadiant/games and copy the directory WinRadiant/gamepacks/ to the Winradiant directory. The gamepack for Quake should now be ready for use.