Who is this Speaker anyway?

My name is Laszlo Menczel, I live in Szeged, Hungary. I used to be a biologist but I am retired now (age 64). For a long time (ever since the 80's) I have been interested in computer programming and in playing video games. I have played many FPS games (Wolfenstein, Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Hexen2, Quake, Quake2, Quake III Arena, UT99, UT2003, UT2004, HalfLife, HalfLife 2 and Crysis 2). My alias in these games was 'Speaker'. You probably have not met me on public servers because I prefer to start my own server and play with my friends.

I have made a couple of Q3A and UT99 maps, and was the leading developer of the freely distributable minimalistic Quake III Arena clone called Q3MIN. I have also coded a couple of mapping utilities: map converters like map2q3 (a converter of Quake and Quake2 maps to Q3A format) and map2ut (a converter of Quake maps to UnrealTournament T3D format), as well as an improved version of the BSPC utility called MBSPC. You can download these utilities here.

BTW, I like to play table tennis and to read science-fiction books.